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From the church newsletter . . .

     The wonderful season of fall is finally here. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons but now that I live Missouri I REALLY love it. I so enjoy the cooler weather and the light breezes. The chance to open windows for fresh air in my life is such a joy. I am eagerly anticipating the changing of the trees this year as things move from green to the brighter colors of red, yellow, and orange.  
     After all the wonderful summer days, fall is a beautiful time to come inside and slow down a bit. Now is the season where we are called to pause and reflect. Nature invites us to stop where we are, to look around, and to enjoy the wonder of creation. So too, our kitchens turn to more comforting foods like apple turnovers and pumpkin pie. Now is the time for spice lattes and getting out your light sweaters, for good books and new quilting projects. Now is the time to slow down a bit.  
     Like the return of the seasons, Tuesday night spirituality is returning this month. In the spirit of pausing and going deeper, I invite you to go deeper in your faith, and to join me for labyrinth walks at the church. Walking the labyrinth is a way to consciously pause and dig deeper in your faith. It is a way to spiritually center yourself in prayer as you physically center your body in movement and breath.  
     The labyrinth will be available for walking the first four Tuesdays in October from 7-8pm. It is not an organized activity and does not take an hour to do. You don’t have to be there right at 7 and you don’t have to stay until 8. You can walk it one Tuesday or all four Tuesdays this month. I invite you, if you are at all curious, to stop by the Fellowship hall and check it out.
     Another way that we pause and go deeper in October is by beginning our discussion on Stewardship. We will kick things off with fellowship at Blackwater Bend farm on Sunday October 15th. What a great time to move deeper in our friendships together. Then we will begin to examine deeper definitions of Stewardship in our Sunday sermons. While we won’t officially celebrate Stewardship Sunday until November, now is the time that we begin to consider our commitment to the ministry at the church. While the labyrinth is an opportunity to go deeper in your personal faith, the Stewardship discussion is an opportunity for us to go deeper as the church, the body of Christ.  
     As the world around us begins to slow down and move inward, I invite you to do the same in your faith life as well. Take advantage of the special opportunities presented in the life of our church this month. From walking the labyrinth, to gathering for fellowship, to navigating your own commitment to the church, this October promises to be an interesting month. I encourage you to join me in all of our activities.  

                                                With Love, Pastor Heather

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