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From the church newsletter . . .

     We are into the dog days of summer here in Missouri and boy is it hot! This is a great time to chill out and take a break to reconnect with family and friends. The Jepsen family are really enjoying the summer this year. We try to get out to Nassif regularly for some fun at the pool and we are enjoying the shade of our back yard for grilling. (I won’t dare say I barbeque as them are fightin’ words here in Missouri!)
     Like many of you, the Jepsen family will be taking a vacation this summer, and like many of you we will be missing a few Sundays of worship. That’s OK, that’s a big part of what summer is all about. But, in the midst of these vacations and time off, I want to encourage you (and me) to take a moment and look for God in your life.
     Sometimes, when the routine is broken, it can be easy to forget things that we would normally do. If you are missing worship on Sundays, then you are missing a time when you would normally be thinking about God. This summer, I want to encourage you to take God on vacation with you.
     If you are spending time with family and friends, pause and thank God for each of them. If you are headed out to a beautiful lake or beach, stop and marvel at the wonders of creation. If you are taking a much needed nap, thank God for the chance to celebrate the Sabbath. If you are headed out to a baseball game, look for the face of God in the joyous revelers around you. If your summer plans have you sticking closer to home, don’t miss the chance to thank God for the beautiful flowers and lovely weather. Just because we are taking a break from the normal church routine, doesn’t mean we have to take a break from God! You and I both know that we can find evidence of the Lord in just about every place we look.
     School starts early in Warrensburg and it won’t be long until we are back into our normal routines. In the meantime, as you enjoy this season of rest and re-connection, don’t forget to look for God in new ways in the world around you.  
     Here’s to hoping that we all have a blessed summer, with a chance to rest and relax as well as a chance to experience God in some new places. See you back at church! Enjoy!

                                                       With Love, Pastor Heather

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Genesis 33:1-17